Different Types of Accessory Dwelling Units That You Can Have in Your Home 

When you are having an extra space in your home, you have a very hot commodity that is very significant; thus, click here to read more and learn more.   You should know what are the accessory dwelling unit, view here on this website to read more now and know more about this ADU. 

  The accessory dwelling unit is smaller additional residential units that can be placed near your primary home or lot. The accessory dwelling units have the following component as the kitchens, living area, bathroom, bedrooms, and other similar parts.  In this article, view here to discover more about the different kinds of an accessory dwelling unit that you can have in your home this include. 

First, there is basement ADU.  You should know that the basement ADU and finished ADU are not the same thing for the basement ones have the ventilation and plumbing systems.   You have to check on the ceiling height of the basement accessory dwelling unit, this is one of the places that you can relax during the summers to have the right place to stay.  

 There is a kind of garage accessory dwelling unit to view.   Most of the garages of the homes cannot withstand the weight of an accessory dwelling unit for there are other things that you will install such as the plumbing system, ventilation, or any other HVAC system that you can have.  When you build an accessory dwelling unit on top of your garage will give an extra living space and you will also keep your car in your garage, it will be cheap and not expensive for you. 

There is a type of cottage accessory dwelling unit.  You can have an ADU that separates your house and you have no garage to spare; you can have a new structure that is right next to your house. 

 There is a variety of attached cottage accessory dwelling units to build travel industry your home living space.  The accessory dwelling unit is best for houses that have limited lot sizes; the cottage and the garage are not feasible.  You may also click here and discover more about  accessory dwelling unit.

 There is a variety of interior cottage accessory dwelling units.   The interior ADU is much cheaper and quicker to set it up though privacy is not many options. 

 There is a kind of attic cottage accessory dwelling unit.  The attic accessory dwelling unit is much like the garage ADU or basement ADU but above the house, the ADU tenants will get in through an exterior entrance.